Financing 101 with Mark Mazda

September 15th, 2020 by

When it comes time to purchase a new-to-you vehicle, you will likely have to finance. Financing a vehicle is making payments on a vehicle. Financing usually includes putting down a down payment, then making monthly payments until the vehicle is paid off. Read on for financing 101 with Mark Mazda.

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At Mark Mazda, we are dedicated to getting you behind the wheel of a vehicle for a price you can afford. Whether you need a car to get to work or to take your kids to school, we want to help you pay for your car in easy and hassle-free payments. Our experts can walk you through the purchasing process, helping you understand your options. Our finance team can also set you up with a lender who can accommodate your needs. We can connect you to lenders who are able to work with you, no matter your credit history or budget.

It does not matter if you have no credit or excellent credit, our financing team at Mark Mazda is qualified to work with all individuals. We want to help you purchase your dream vehicle for a price you can afford. Whether you are looking to finance a coupe, sedan, pickup truck, or SUV, we are here to help. After you browse our selection and find that ideal vehicle, allow our finance team to guide you through the purchasing process. When you work with Mark Mazda, buying a car is as easy as possible.

Leasing is another option. Leasing is suitable for individuals who want a car, but don’t need to own it. Leasing agreements can last for several years. If you want to drive the latest models Mazda has to offer, opt for leasing. When you lease a vehicle, there is a small down payment, if any. This is great if you do not have a lot of cash at the moment. Monthly payments are also more affordable when you opt for leasing. Just know that you cannot customize your car when you lease. You must also stay within the mileage requirements.

To shop with Mark Mazda, check out our website! Once you find the vehicle you love,stop into our dealership at 3875 N 89th St Scottsdale AZ 85251. We look forward to helping you finance your vehicle purchase soon!

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